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The Gypsy Fuzz Rock Of Hux Flux

A new single release from Hux Flux takes on the form of an energetic and youthful gypsy rock approach that hits with a certain Swagger and undertone that pulls you right in and keeps you where you are.

The track manages to pull together such a cool presence and character as fuzz tone guitars rock on and tribal beats pound away those lead vocals have that allure to them. That something special that calls out to you.

The song is called "Radiowaves", and it's done with a gritty tastefulness but also an elegance that is nearly impossible to come by these days especially in music.

This is a garage Rock single however like I said, Elegance is the key. Now, I know what you're thinking how can a song like this be elegant? Well, I'll tell you.

The gracefulness of this track is in the textures and the performances. It's the way the guitars shine an edge while the vocals mellow them down all the while this raw energy lurks just beneath the surface. It's the way all these things uniquely work together to create one atmosphere.

This band is absolutely everything you could want from a cool ass garage rock band.

One of the best things about this is that you can actually hear that this band has an absolute love for their craft. And it's fun.

It's amazing to hear a band like this because when you do you want to be able to capture that energy like lightning in a bottle. Even though they've already captured it obviously, you want to see them live. You want to watch them perform this in front of your face to see how it sounds and how you feel.

This track has drive, heart, passion and so much more without ever losing its edginess.

There's also something strangely cinematic about it as well honestly. It's hard to put your finger on but it's there for sure almost like you could certainly picture this in the background of a scene in a film.

At any rate Hux Flux pulls all of this off without a hitch and ends up doing this with a certain charm to it as well. I think there's a little bit of magic in these guys.

See for yourself or I should say, hear for yourself rather instead of taking my word for it.

You most certainly won't soon regret it.


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