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Easy Rain

Easy Rain's groundbreaking blend of jam bands and new age influences is a rare discovery that caught my attention. The opening track, "Vibes," delivers on its promise—a fusion of ethereal tones and funky elements reminiscent of new wave. The robust bass line provides a solid foundation while other components gracefully interweave throughout the piece. While "Vibes" sets the tone, "Moments" truly stood out for me. This track exudes a near-traditional funk vibe, seamlessly blending smooth rhythms with impactful beats, creating an infectious energy akin to a club anthem. Its mix of steady grooves and dynamic variations adds depth to this instrumental piece. "Danky Janky" holds its own charm, despite an initially overwhelming low-end rumble. However, the song blossoms with a meticulous guitar solo. Yet, the real gem, and undoubtedly my favorite, arrives with "Master Class." Here, the bass takes center stage, skillfully paired with delayed guitar, showcasing the artist's expertise and musical depth. Easy Rain crafts compelling tunes with a distinctive and enjoyable flair. This introduction leaves me intrigued about the artist's future direction and eager to witness their growth.

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