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DaeMarcus Releases An Alternative Pop Opus

If you are looking for some great alternative pop songs with just enough edginess to make it tasteful and fun, then look no further.

We've found him for you.

DaeMarcus is an absolute pinnacle of crossbreeding genres and building songs that not only have massive relatability, but also come through catchy and danceable most of the time.

The Tials & Errors album recently release is an example of a youth in songwriters that take their influences and let them melt into each other in order to make something that bares a comfortability and familiarity, but also feels refreshing and good to listen to.

The songs have a bounce to them that let them become addicting and all with a character and clear love for the craft.

You can hear this in the recordings. The heart that goes into songs like these.

They make you want to go out in the middle of the night and dance with someone. Anyone.

They touch on such a deepening pop soundscape, and it all works without a hitch.

This album has character and presence. It shows the artists shine and it's all quite freeing to be honest.

This is one of those records that you want to hear all of.

There are several singles that are excellent but the whole album has more to offer.

This is for the real music heads.

Take a deep dive into this record.

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