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Clear The Benches

Nashville's own Todd Joseph, a singer-songwriter with a knack for defying musical boundaries, unveils his latest endeavor, "Clear The Benches." Purposefully steering clear of genre constraints, the project serves as a testament to the myriad influences gathered over the years. Encompassing an anthemic alternative rock vibe, bolstered by the contributions of prominent figures from Tennessee's rich musical landscape, to the intimate sounds of home production, Joseph and his collaborators have just dropped a self-titled EP comprising six tracks.

 Kicking off the EP is "Baby Doll," a fusion that blends elements of country, rock, and pop. The expansive soundscape resonates with a grandiosity that seems almost too immense for conventional speakers to handle. The infectious chorus and hook make for an attention-grabbing opener.

Diverging into a different style, "So I Don’t" exudes a slick, subdued funk, flirting with a quasi-rap delivery. The chorus stands out with its exceptional quality, accompanied by clear and defined sounds. A surprising Eddie Van Halen-esque solo adds a touch of brilliance, injecting an unexpected yet delightful twist. The mood takes a contemplative turn with "Rock The Boat," an atmospheric and melancholic piece that leans toward the pop spectrum. "A Yankee In a Rebel Town" draws comparisons to Kid Rock but manages to carve its own niche, earning its stripes as a standout track. 

The EP's heart lies in "It’s Happens All The Time," an acoustic and intimate offering that steals the spotlight as a personal favorite. Todd Joseph delivers a heartfelt and emotive performance, capturing a mood that resonates deeply. 

Closing the collection is "In The Revelry," another intimate gem that evolves into a hopeful crescendo, showcasing the singer's vocal prowess. While the EP may not be the epitome of cohesion, Todd Joseph's songwriting and production prowess are undeniable. There's a myriad of elements to appreciate in this EP. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the diverse sounds of "Clear The Benches."

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