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Carson Ferris Churns Out A Colorful Pop Single

A new from a fresh young pop artist brings together some of the best parts of brand youthful Hop undertones while bringing together textures that hit hard and flow seamlessly into massive choruses and more hooks than you can handle.

"Drive Alone" has a lot going for it especially in the way of catchiness. The track feels absolutely lush and slightly dreamy but also has that really strong drive behind it that keeps it pushing forward. It's exciting but also Soothing in a strange way. It's like there's this ambience that lurks just beneath the surface sometimes.

This single definitely boasts hooks both musically and vocally and they keep getting bigger each time you hear them which is quite an astounding feat. There's actually no point of boredom throughout this entire song. The entire thing Strives for your attention and gets it.

The sense and pads that swell and give the song that breathing effect like it's alive Are very evident and also play a huge part in the whole of the songs existence.

You certainly get a good feel For How this artist is able to showcase His strong points which are literally everywhere. The song writing is outstanding, the vocals and performance show heart and push the envelope as much as an artist Can. But the real crazy thing about this Is that Carson Ferris Is 12 years old.

Yes you absolutely read that correctly. The artist Is a young boy who's able to hone his voice and create music That is far beyond his years. Maybe he's an old soul. Either way this is an outlandishly vibrant and colorful pop banger that you definitely should hear.

Even upon first listen you get hooked pretty much straight away. And when the song is over not only do you find yourself replaying those hooks in your head all day long, but you also find yourself wanting more from the artist.

And it's cool because he's so young that you kind of get a little bit extra excited to be able to maybe follow him through his musical journey and see what happens next for him and where he grows.

There are many directions he may take as an artist as he gets older, and it will be cool to see what happens with that. But for now, we have this killer single to crank. This is totally danceable and endlessly fun.

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