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Carseat drops a new alt-acoustic record that comes off soothing and fresh

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

The new Ep from Carseat is a very refreshing and colorful release that keeps things on the softer side as it rolls out some enticing songwriting and and experimental sounds throughout its course.

The Carnest EP is a swelling and fun EP with a touch of Radiohead to keep things trippy but fun.

Plenty of effects coat guitars and add an ambience to ti that feels good to listen to.

Lyrics are very honest and up front and there are loads of addictive progression changes and hooks that kick in when you least expect them.

There are plenty of pleasant surprises on this record that pop up here and there and a jazz undertone to accompany the alternative backbone of it all.

This was a bright and vibrant record that takes you through 4 songs that seem to connect to each other in the style of a concept record.

Maybe this is a concept record.

Either way its full of killer songwriting and a poppy vibe outlined with a slight haunt.

Very cool and well worth your time.

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