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Bongo Boy TV Brings Linear Music Videos Back!

Bongo Boy Records is known for their unique roster of artists and bands that each brings something fresh to the table but alongside their refreshing approach to releasing music, they also air full TV episodes of these Independent Artists music videos which is something that's thinking outside the box.

The series is called Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV and it has a way of bringing back the music video rotation into the picture which is something that a lot of us know and miss the hell out of.

This is such a great way to showcase their bands and talent while giving them a chance to be heard and seen in a different way.

The latest episode is titled Night Caller which features videos from all around the world by award-winning Indie artists which will be on rotation for weeks in the United States on 72 terrestrial TV channels and more.

Amazing, I know.

This is exactly what independent music needs right now. It's something that has a way of backing these artists that are often overlooked in the sea of music videos that exist on YouTube alone.

The episode features bands like Pretty Blackmore with the track called "You Didn't Call" which is a high octane and edgy alternative rock Banger that features Soulful vocals and tons of attitude.

This is followed by the NEW Bardots with their single "Thrill of The Night". We've had the pleasure of reviewing this one as well so if you want to learn more about the band and the single you can check out our article on them here.

This is followed by Todd Barrow with his track "My Girl Crush" which hits a righteous country rock vibe complete with all the bells and whistles that you could ask for from a thriving country single.

Among several other artists and singles include the dead daisies with "Dead and Gone" which hits an outstanding Arena Rock Vibe aesthetic and has an absolutely killer drive to it.

One of the best things about this whole form of exposing bands is the music video part of it.

Something feels nostalgic and really good watching great rock music videos back to back again.

It used to be such a major part of our lives or at least mine so to be able to have that pleasure again is something special.

The videos are all really well put together and professionally done and the songs are really compiled wonderfully so that you get different tastes of Rock with each one.

It's almost like when a band puts out an album and they have to pay attention to their track listing in the order of the songs and how they play through.

Everything about this really is personally satisfying for me and I think that I would speak for a lot of people saying that because I think there's tons of people like me out there that also miss finding new bands in this way.

It's kind of funny how this used to be the way to do it decades ago and now over the course of everything changing the other outlets or so flooded and oversaturated going back to linear music video programming is the way to hear new music again.

Don't worry, you could also watch this episode on Vimeo, and I suggest you do so that you can check out some of these great pants.

A personal thank you to Bongo Boy Records for Reinventing the wheel because we needed it.

Bongo Boy TV

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