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Ben Rothschild Delivers A Huge Pop Album

With a brand-new and massive album release, Ben Rothschild is setting to break boundaries down and in doing so, he manages to combine a series of synth-pop soundscapes and mends in catchy and vast guitar sections and other textures that blend and feel absolutely colorful and alive.

The CaptureFeelings album is built with plenty of heart and a lot of fun as the songs come off danceable, groovy, and with each one you can truly hear a love for the craft shining through.

There are some gems on this record but there is also something about this full album that seems like it may be like a concept album of sorts.

That could be totally wrong of course, however the songs seem to go together like puzzle pieces at times and there are plenty of pleasant surprises around most corners.

This record is endlessly fun. There is a metric ton of really tasteful guitar work and some well thought out segments of songwriting and arrangement that showcase the artists ability to write songs that reach out to you and get your attention.

Little bits of classic rock lurk just beneath the surface and the keys and synthesized sounds are outstanding in terms of the shape and use with the songs.

It's easy to get stuck on certain songs on the record but it's also easy to get up and dance to the whole damn thing pretty much.

Either one is a good time and Rothschild definitely knows his stuff when it comes to songwriting.

There is a lot to soak in here but trust us when we say, po on some headphones and give this album some of your precious time. You won't be sorry.

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