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Below 7 Releases “Nothing to Prove”

Below 7 is a band that oozes rawness and energy. There aren’t many hard rock bands left with this kind of aesthetic; there’s something, as they admit themselves, “familiar” about their sound. It’s nostalgic — it reminds me of ‘00s nu-metal and takes me back to a forgotten time when my hair was long and my list of worries was short. In particular, the vocalist channels a bit of Nickelback energy, but this is more than a tribute band. There’s something fresh and vibrant about Below 7 — they have a new take on an old sound.

On “Nothing to Prove,” muted drums suddenly burst into a scorching power chord sequence that lays this band’s energy on the table immediately — it’s clear that they’re not pulling any punches. Even with their loud-quiet dynamic, every segment of this track feels forceful and demands the listener’s attention — I really enjoyed the bass guitar in the verses; giving prominence to another instrument gave the electric guitar more of an impact in the emotive, melodic choruses. The harmonized singing is truly lovely; I’m a big fan of a heavy band that can pull out a melodic, silky-smooth passage for a song’s hook.

And the beautiful melodies continue on “Twenty 7.” Opening with a delicately strummed guitar arpeggio and restrained singing, the loud-quiet dynamic comes into play again. It makes that sizzling power chords and belted vocals all the more electrifying in the choruses. It’s clear that Below 7 can churn out catchy vocal hooks effortlessly; every song has an engaging earworm. The band has more to offer than just face-melting guitars, brutal riffs and rapid drumming. The singing is stunning, but it’s the songwriting that grips me; not every rock band has the talent to push out catchy tune after catchy tune, so I hope this group’s success only increases from here on out.

Below 7

Nothing to Prove / Twenty 7

Self-released, 2022

3 out of 5

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