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An Upcoming Single from Chris Sloan Delivers a Lush Story

An upcoming single release from Chris Sloan gives off a vast undertone with a southern-kissed rock soundscape in the form of a ballad that is delivered with such a lush character and deepening storyline that you get pulled right into it and eventually attached.

"Ember In the Wind" is gracefully performed with mass amounts of soul given off from every aspect of the track but especially vocals and the guitar work because some of the guitar lines on this track are gorgeous and serve as musical hooks even which is something I've missed in any kind of rock genre for quite some time.

I totally understand focusing on a vocal hook or a chorus of course but I miss musical hooks or guitar licks if you will, and this track is bursting with them so I'm so happy to hear that because it's so refreshing to me.

This takes an old-school approach and puts it into a new school playing field and it sounds cinematic and robust although it's a slow burn you really get engulfed in the whole thing and eventually washed away with it.

Lyrically the track is so detailed at times that you can vividly picture things that are being sung and it's so articulate in terms of how he words everything because it's emotionally driven but it's visually enticing.

This was a massive truck that really just pulls you away from your surroundings and puts you into a different place altogether because you end up getting sucked into this story and into this person's head and I love songs that provide that kind of little escape even if it's for a few minutes.

I really can't express how outstanding the guitar work is on the song because it boasts as much character as the vocals do and this is a rarity so to hear it is almost rejuvenating in a way and when the song is over you have to react to meet yourself back to your reality again.

I also adore the level of vastness that this track gives off because it is just huge and has this deepening feeling to it so it either came from someplace very real or it's a story that is just told very well.

This is the kind of track that you listen to more than once so that you can really soak everything in between the music and the lyrics, and it does indeed have a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

There's also something about this track that makes it feel like you've been listening to it on the radio for a few years now and I think that's because it's sort of like an anthem in its own way.

This track was beautifully performed and that makes up for a huge portion of why it's so addictive and alluring.

"Embers In the Wind" is set to release June 10th and as far as we can tell, is part of a full album that is to be released July 1st following the single.

If the rest of the record has more songs like this then I'm all in because I would love to hear a full album or even an EP with tracks that take me away and into a story so well.

This is the kind of track that both country and classic rock fans will like but it's also for people who just like music that tells a story and makes you think or feel which is something we need a lot more of in music these days.

I for one am excited to hear what the rest of the record holds but for now this single should hold me over.

Having said all that, I also would love to bring up some previous releases because it's one of the best ways to introduce you to the artist including his latest release from last year called Into the Shade which is a full album, and this definitely shows some different sides of his songwriting style and even his personality.

Dig into some Chris Sloan when you can and be ready for the single release because you won't want to miss it.

Remember where you heard it first.

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