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An Nostalgic Album About a Classic Film from Monolith

A fresh release from Monolith brings out that secret love for classic movie soundtracks we all really have even if we don't admit it. Packed to the brim with synth and indie-pop undertones to go right along with guitars and slightly haunting soundscapes lurking just beneath the surface but that's all for good reason.

That reason is because the album rightfully titled Fright Night is actually somewhat of a synopsis by chapters of the actual horror classic of the same title.

The songs feature a ton of nostalgic feeling sounds that are built and woven together with a great attention to detail and a set of deep-toned indie-pop style vocals that sit atop it which gives it all a certain atmosphere that helps it pop.

This album is experimental and incredibly inventive throughout its course and there are tracks that really hit just right as singles including "Take My Hand" which has a pure synth driven vintage approach and it works like a charm.

This record has some outstanding gems but the really cool thing about it is that it's an album based on the events of the movie Fright Night.

Now, this may not be so cool to people that don't really know the film. But those that remember it will get quite a kick out of the intricacies involved.

A fun and outside the box release that gives a lot more than it takes, Fright Night does a great job of having a good time with creating something unique and attentive while dropping songs you can really dance to in there.

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