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An Inventive and Unique Album Release From ET Boys

A fresh release from ET Boys is a bombastic and colorful but edgy melodic rap masterpiece that screams of a youth inspired by everything around them and letting it all pull their songwriting into a place that becomes catchy, anthemic, and bright as hell.

Forever Night is a massive album that lets the duo create endless hooks and bangers with this wonderfully nostalgic retro-pop undertone they touch on with every track and it becomes the blood flowing through the veins of this record.

This borderline genius combination of soundscapes and genres clashing let's these guys push the envelope enough to take notice and during the process you get inventive and cinematic grooves and beats that bounce with vocals and it's all addicting.

The release is nearly epic and feels like a cross between something you've heard in the soundtrack of an 80's sci-fi flick and a hip hop flow that you never knew would work with it.

But there it is and it's damn good.

The album is vibrant, alive and breathing, and has this dreamy touch to it that seems like it reaches out and grabs you.

This is one of the most unique releases of 2022 and its more than not worthy.

With release bares more than a few gems on it and songs come through danceable and refreshing with surprises around corners you didn't expect.

We would heavily suggest going through the full record.

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