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An Introduction to the Sounds of Melick

If you are not too familiar with the musical styling of Melick then let us be among the first to introduce you as the producer and songwriter has recently collaborated with a vocalist and together dropped a release called "Fly High" which comes through as very full-bodied and robust single that starts off feeling almost like an Americana or even folk rock single but then evolves into a polished dance pop banger and when that main section comes around at the song's chorus, the energy is electric.

Taking that Americana guitar approach and even rhythmically blending that in and then having it transform into this colorful and bursting pop sound was borderline brilliant.

Melick is a songwriter and producer who found his sweet spot creating music from nothing but ideas and visions and throughout his career has collaborated with vocalists to release songs that are eclectic and put together with such a perfected array of instruments that each track released shows a little bit of a different side of the producer.

This single is simply among the latest in a string of releases dating back to 2018 a lot of which you can listen to on his Spotify account.

Among those releases not only do you hear collaborations but solo tracks that are right and can come off cinematic a lot of the time.

We would suggest digging into "Fly High" which features Trevor Laake vocally, but also taking a swim through his back catalog as well.

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