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An Interview With The Great Sadness

The Great Sadness just released a massive opus of a record in the form of a gritty, blues thrash rock soundscape that spans the spiritual plains with a beer in hand and a guitar in the other.

The Theivin LP is a gorgeously woven sludgy, fuzztone stoner rock work of art and the characters portrayed through lyrics and attitude are killer.

Songs go from thrashing out like a punch to the gut, to cinematic bluesy soul riddled dark rock that surrounds you and takes you deep into the woods for a haunted romp.

It's all about the style. The feel and the swagger on this album are just to die for.

Guitars are panned left and right with static distortion and the drums are so alive it's ridiculous.

You can feel the soul on this record. You can hear the good time and the love for what they do on every song every time.

This is tribal and rustic doo rock with a vastness and a rawness that gives off pure power and it never fails. It never goes away. You have to keep up with this energy or you'll lose track.

This was one of the most beautifully distorted records I've heard in a long time and the passion and soul in everything is delightfully over the top.

with the release of such a righteous album, we wanted to touch base with The Great Sadness to find out where this all comes from and how they do it.

BUZZSLAYERS: Okay so let's start with the Thievin album. This record has a great theatrical riot rock feel to it. Where did this album come from?

Cathy – Our last record WEEP ended with the song UNDERGROUND. It’s stripped down and aggressive with a big sound. That’s where we started on THIEVIN. The Theater of In Your Face.

BUZZSLAYERS: I'm hearing some great styles on this song. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Cathy- I’ve been listening to country blues from the Deep South pretty much my whole life: Fred McDowell, Blind Willie Johnson, Jessie Mae Hemphill.. Essentials. Add some Led Zeppelin, Cramps, The Gun Club and The Birthday Party and that’s where I’m at. I like shit heavy and feral......and slightly messy.

Stephen listens to a shitload of metal. He also plays in a metal band. You should check them out.

BUZZSLAYERS: So how did this all begin for you really? When did you fall in love with making music?

Stephen- We met 9 years ago have been playing ever since. Fell in love with music as a child

Cathy- Yeah, the beginning with TGS was me and Stephen meeting 9 years ago and the rest is rock history, as they say.

Sonic love fell like an anvil on my soul once I heard Led Zeppelin. My respect for Jimmy Page and John Bonham will never die. Thank-you, gentlemen.

BUZZSLAYERS: What's next for you as a band?

Stephen - Another EP, shows etc

Cathy – We’ve been talking about doing a live EP. Maybe 5 songs. That’s still in the works. We just want to keep writing and playing as long as the inspiration is present.

BUZZSLAYERS: What inspires you to write a song?

Stephen- Events in life, a feeling whether it be good or bad!

Cathy- Yeah... a feeling, a sound, a vibe. Then it just flows. A lot of the songs we have are from loose jams that me and Stephen lay down. Then we listen to the energy on what we hear and find the words to narrate that feeling. It’s always exciting when it all locks in.

BUZZSLAYERS: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

Stephen- Making artwork and cultivating friendships

Cathy- Making art. Hustling work to pay the rent. Looking and listening to shit that inspires. It’s all about making stuff. Every day if possible.

BUZZSLAYERS: Who are you listening to right now?

Stephen- Lividity.

Cathy- right now at this minute: Mississippi Fred McDowell. If you haven’t heard him, you should. And then some early PJ Harvey. Rid of Me is by far one of my favorite records of hers.

BUZZSLAYERS: Are you guys doing live performances?

Stephen- Hell yah!!! All the time!!!

Cathy- Yeah... what he said!

BUZZSLAYERS: Thievin seems like a big undertaking. What kind of advice might you have for other up and coming bands out there?

Stephen- Have fun or what’s the point! Revert to your childhood don’t lose your imagination!

Cathy- Enjoy the process of making music. That’s where the magic happens.

And maybe rob a bank. Cuz recording and makin’ merch costs $$$$$. Just sayin’.

BUZZSLAYERS: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Stephen- Try new things! Everything doesn’t have to have a point as to why it’s been created.

Cathy- THANK YOU! We truly appreciate the support!

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Best band I've heard in a long while - and I've heard a few!! Just need the UK to wake up to TGS sound and maybe we may be lucky enough to see Cathy and Stephen this side of the pond.

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