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An Interview With The Aspen Elocin

A new single release from Aspen Elocin brings out a brutally honest and cinematically edgy soundscape that blends elements of hard-hitting industrial undertone and a vast dreamy overtone that come together in such a unique fashion that it builds an atmosphere that wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

"Hole" is performed with this soulful and graceful delivery from beginning to end vocally and it works incredibly well because the song is so emotionally driven.

The music across the span of this single brings with it a vastness and a Gothic and dark feel that lurks just above the surface of everything, and this is part of where the honesty is.

This was 100% a passion project and is something that gives you so much to soak in musically that listening to it only once doesn't quite do the job.

You can definitely appreciate the different Sonic textures that weave in and out of each other and blend together to create something that's all its own as the song plays on.

A lot about the song creeps up on you but there's plenty about it that hits hard right from the get-go, and this is what makes the song so impactful.

You can clearly tell this all came from someplace very real and genuine which gives everything a very authentic approach and those are the kinds of songs that you end up relating to and understanding a lot more.

One of my favorite things about this track is that it's done with fewer boundaries than its predecessors and was built and created by a person or people who have a real love for their craft.

There's a lot of attention to detail strewn across this track but it never loses that emotional impact that it was born from in the first place, and I think that may be the most important thing about it.

This goes in the category of music that's outside the box but makes you feel something, and I think that especially in this day and age we need more music like this out there.

It is certainly alternative and edgy, industrial and dreamy, it floats, and it cuts, but it does all of that within its own terms.

A beautiful and gracefully performed record that only certain people will be able to see or understand.

But for those that do get it, this will hit hard.

With the release of such a wonderfully woven single, we wanted to have it chat with Aspen Elocin to find out where this track actually came from and what might be coming up next for the artist.

Here's what happened.

Buzz Slayers: Okay, let's start with the "Hole "! This track was cinematicand came through vast and freeing with this dark edge! How did this release come about?

So actually, I wrote the lyrics for "HOLE'' in a walmart parking lot at like 9 am. I had been having dreams of relapsing for a couple of weeks. sometimes I would wake up sad, but usually I woke up feeling indifferent. This particular

Morning so much had been going on and I just felt that inevitable feeling that I was done. Pulled into walmart and that was that. Relapsed, immediately felt guilty, and wrote the lyrics for The song. Aftwards I showed my producer ClockworkGeorge the lyrics and we began working on the instrumental portion. I wanted it to be distinctly angry, and as soon as I heard the guitar in the chorus ClockworkGeorge created I just knew we were on the right track. It sounded desperate, it sounded like going down a hole to me. We spent about two months on the track playing around with it and deciding which elements we wanted forefront. We also used alot of distortion for that gritty feel, something that said 90's.

Buzz Slayers: How did this all start for you as an artist?

So, I started working on music in 2021 I had always been really passionate about writing lyrics, and I had played around with some recording equipment of a friend's years prior, but the setup just really wasn't working, because I was brand new to it and they didn't know much either. A huge part of my musical journey has been wrapped around addiction and sobriety as well. I like to think of myself as perpetually down. I am however currently working on material that is less sad vibes!

Buzz Slayers: What kind of things really inspire songs for you?

I am inspired by so many things! Sadness, heartbreak, my lord and savior. . Ethel Cain I mean. You don't have to use that one.

I actually use music almost like a diary of sorts and every thing Is so directly personal, I have had to really work on making sure my super personal first drafts get to a point that others can relate as well.

Buzz Slayers: This release has some great approaches to it! Can you give us some of your biggest influences musically?

What a perfect time to once again mention Ethel Cain. I also feel super inspired by Tash Sultana, the way she mixes, live loops, wow she is insane! Finn, his album "Apparitions" was so interesting to me in the way the production was done!

I love the sad angry sounds of the early emo days as well, and always number one is The National. I mean they have yet to make an album I wasn't compelled to leave on repeat for months.

I think for me I don't get inspired directly by the music but the artists themselves, it's the passion they have, the energy, the way they use art to show themselves.

Buzz Slayers: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

When I am not working on music, wow I don't know if someone close to me plans something then I guess I oblige if possible. I have kindof put all my focus on music the last couple of years. Whether it's learning more about the mixing/mastering process, writing lyrics, promo, or even just staring at my computer with my midi keyboard trying different sounds until something just hits right. I should take more time, but staying busy is helpful with sobriety. Making music also makes me feel accomplished.

Buzz Slayers: Who's in your headphones right now?

I have been listening to alot of The National's latest album "Laugh Track". I LOVE IT! Also, Tiny Little Houses, they released an EP recently that's very good, the whole discography is pretty solid actually "Drag me" has to be my all-time go to though!

Buzz Slayers: Are you doing any live performances right now?

I am not, currently it's alot of me and George in a room working on sounds and ideas half the time, and the other half we are in studio recording/mixing and adding to/removing things from "finished" songs. The main focus is creating this album and to have it ready sometime in 2024. We have discussed how we would go into performing live, and what that would look like, cause I can't imagine being anywhere without him!

I definitely wanna end up on the road alot! As much as possible!

Buzz Slayers: Do you record these at a big studio, or do you have a home studio set-up?

I had a little home studio setup actually, my first project I did alone in a bathroom actually which is the WORST for recording, but life was a bit wild then, I didn't have many other places to be alone and isolated. After I moved, I set up a room to record in but 4 months later I got connected with my producer and he has a very chill studio setup, I practically live there! Since we been working together, I have sort of abandoned my home set up, so sad!

Buzz Slayers: What can your fans expect from you in the near future?

Sheesh they can expect I am a mess!

Actually, I have a video coming out for the song "Hole" later this month! And I am planning to release more singles leading up to a full album!

Buzz Slayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

I am beyond grateful of any and all support! Which I say all the time, but seriously I am. I feel good if even one person relates or feels heard when they listen to anything I put out musically. I love having the chance to turn my feelings and experiences into music, I wouldn't want to do anything else! Life is a journey and there's plenty of wrong turns and questionable choices along the way, I appreciate the understanding as I go on that journey and inevitably make good and bad decisions!

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