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An Interview With Senior Circuit

A fresh alt-rock banger from Senior Circuit come sin swinging with a classic 90's underground rock vibe complete with vast guitar tones and a punk rock feel lurking just beneath the surface (especially with the bass tones) and it also comes with spacious breakdowns that hit with impactful melodies and energy.

"Echo" is absolutely anthemic and packs a hell of a punch that stays with you for days.

The track boasts heavy drive and this gigantic soundscape that blends this upfront edgy rock sound with an ambient undertone that create this sort of atmosphere that feels good.

Again, this track does have a little bit of a nostalgic feel to it as it draws from some great and classic influences from back in the day, but they do manage to pull together this fresh twist on it and it really has a way of taking over and grabbing at you from the first few seconds and on.

This was a really fun track, and it has that bit of magic in there that makes it feel like you've been listening to it for years now.

Vocals are pretty much perfect for a single like this and a sound like the band has and everything together really has an addictive approach that makes you hunt them down to see what else this band has under their belt.

With the release of such a killer single, we wanted to touch base with Senior Circuit to find out where this single came from and what may be on the way.

Here's what went down.

Buzz Slayers: Let's kick things off with "Echo". This track has some edgy pop punk and alt-rock feels to it. Where did this song come from?

[Spencer] This song came together pretty quick compared to a lot of our music. We were preparing some demos for an upcoming recording session and I had recorded the intro riff one night. And the next day I had come up with some general lyric ideas while I was at work. The next time the band tracked demos we kinda puzzle pieced it all together.

Buzz Slayers: When did this all start for you guys?

[Spencer] So, originally this project started as a band called Founders. But after our time at Sound Acers in New Jersey, where we recorded all of our upcoming music, we decided that the new sound and style were so different that it warranted a name change! So Senior Circuit came as a result of the new sound, new influences, and the overall new direction that we were heading in.

[John] I joined the band during 2020 as a third member playing bass to round out the sound, the two piece didn't feel right for the style that they were playing as founders

Buzz Slayers: What inspires you guys to write a song?

[Spencer] Like a lot of artists, I think our songs come from personal experiences. A lot of it is cathartic for me and just a way to deal with feelings that are maybe difficult to communicate otherwise. At the end of the day my hope is that each song connects with at least one person and that it helps that person understand that whatever they are going through they aren't alone.

[John] A good riff that spencer sends me, that guy craps out riffs every 30 seconds

Buzz Slayers: This track has some great styles! Can you all give us some of your top musical influences?

[Spencer] Anything 90s alt/ grunge! I'm a huge Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins fan! More modern influences are bands like Basement, Citizen, and Superheaven. It may not sound like it but I'm pretty constantly inspired by Julien Baker’s music as well.

[John] John Stanier from helmet, superheaven, king’s x, and microwave

Buzz Slayers: What are you all doing when you're NOT working on music?

[Spencer] Most of the time I'm in the gym or hanging out with my dog. If not, it's whatever project I'm hyper fixating on at that time. Which right now is writing a poetry book haha.

[John] Gaming and hanging with my wife Destiny and cat Ocala

Buzz Slayers: Who's in all your headphones right now?

[Spencer] Right now its Soul Blind, Violent Soho, Can't Swim, and Regina Spektor

[John] helmet, microwave, elephant jake, counterparts, and lots of podcasts for when my brain doesnt feel like listening to music

Buzz Slayers: Are you guys doing any live performances right now?

[Spencer] We are always looking for shows! We are putting A lot of our effort into new material right now, but we are always down and always looking to play!

[John] we dont play shows all that often but we would like to gig lots more!

Buzz Slayers: This single feels like a big undertaking, is there any advice you'd give to other up and coming bands out there?

[Spencer] If you want it, stay after it! As long as you believe in what you are doing and as long as it still makes you happy then it's worth putting in whatever effort it takes to make it happen. CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

[John] do what you love, forget the rest

Buzz Slayers: What can your fans expect from you guys in the near future?

[Spencer] More music for sure! We are sitting on a couple songs that we are really excited to release soon as well as some demos we are really hyped on! We wanna stay busy so more shows too!

[John] an ep including the 2 singles currently out as well as 3 other tracks, maybe a little genre change idk we’ll see who knows at this point i just work here

Buzz Slayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

[Spencer] We really appreciate you sticking around! We have a lot of plans in motion that we can't wait to share with you all!

[John] if you’ve been hangin, keep hangin, if you’re new here, hello :)

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