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An Interview With Sanchez.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

A new single released by Sanchez. just hit and it's got a wonderfully brutal honesty and grit that gives the track a powerful front end and an anthemic undertone that rings loud and clear.

"Knock Them Down" is a soulful rock song that touches on classic rock, hard rock, and more and does it all with a southern tonality that includes lush guitars and piano to add a certain atmosphere and righteous energy that feels unbeatable.

The song is completely unstoppable and performed with a heavy passion and love for the craft that's heard throughout every second.

This single has attitude and character that boasts a great swagger and style that also gives the whole band this sort of live performance feeling. Like you just watched them rock out right in front of your face.

It's quite impactful and incredibly strong from start to finish.

It's got an edge to it that sticks and at times explodes into massive sonic soundscapes of rock.

This is like a sucker punch to the gut. You want to have this attitude. Like whatever happens, you can handle it. Not only that but you'll destroy whatever's in your way.

Unstoppable is how it makes you feel. Like its time to take it all on. It's just great to hear a song like that come through with the right fists in the air rock feel that Sanchez portrays.

With such a killer single, we wanted to touch base with Sanchez to talk shop about the single and where it actually came from.

Here's what went down.

BuzzSlayers: Okay so let's start off with "Knock them Down". This track had a killer rock overtone and a massive anthemic feel! Where did this track come from?

This track came after I initially arrived in South Korea. I was a little lost, sometimes quite literally. I hadn’t brought a guitar with me, thinking my days of singing were behind me. But a friend lent me his and this was the first song that came out.

BuzzSlayers: I'm hearing some great styles on this single. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Well on this song, I’d have to say Oasis. But my influences vary so wildly. There’s the obvious influences in my work such as Bob Dylan, Damien Rice, or Ciaran Lavery, to the perhaps less evident Tupac and Biggie.

BuzzSlayers: So, how did this all start for you?

I’ve always written songs. Somewhat out of boredom and somewhat out of a need to express my feelings. Songwriting is like free therapy.

However, I decided in my late teens that I wanted to show more and more people my stuff.

This particular project came together when I met the other great musicians featured on the album, especially producer/bassist/drummer, Dan Lloyd.

BuzzSlayers: What inspires you to write songs?

The usual stuff, I suppose. But also, anything. If I have a strong feeling about something, good or bad, I tend to try to work through it by writing. It helps to channel pain, loss, despair into something that could potentially help somebody else.

BuzzSlayers: Can we expect any videos coming from you this year?

Just the eight. I decided to do most of the album. Some are lyric videos, and some are low-budget concept films. I’m very excited to share them with the world having had them in the locker for so long. They’ll all be live on my YouTube channel over the coming months.

BuzzSlayers: What’s next for you as an artist? Anything in the works even now?

I think next is a tour. Artistically, I never know. I’m very happy to wait and see where the music takes me. I’ve been very lucky to meet so many great musicians, all of whom have been able to lay their musical stamp on me and my music.

BuzzSlayers: Who are you listening to right now?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ciaran Lavery recently, as well as a lot Glen Hansard. Though, because of that great documentary series that came out recently, I’ve also been reverting back to The Beatles back catalogue.

BuzzSlayers: Will you be putting any focus on live performances?

At the moment I’m working on putting together a tour and an interesting live act. I want to get out and play again. It’s been a while.

BuzzSlayers: What are you performing on this song exactly?

On this song, I’m vocals and acoustic guitar.

BuzzSlayers: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

When I’m not making music, I’m usually making videos for YouTube, teaching English, or going to the gym. I also love sitting down to watch a documentary.

BuzzSlayers: This single feels like a big undertaking. What sort of advice would you have for other up and coming artists out there?

Patience is key, enjoy the process.

BuzzSlayers: Okay so you wake up in the middle of the night starving! What’s your go-to midnight snack?

Honestly, a round of toast would do me just fine, I’m a simple man.

BuzzSlayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Well, the first thing would be thank you.

Secondly, I would say to keep streaming, subscribing, sharing etc. etc. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of the people.

Lastly, keep the heads up.






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