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An Interview With Hollow Pledge

Hollow Pledge comes through with a killer new single that hits damn hard right from the get go and doesn't let up for a second all the way through.

"House Lights" blasts off with true alternative rock style crossed with pop-punk elements and some mathy licks that brighten things up and let the band really shine.

The song is super powerful and anthemic with some amazing changes, catchy and vibrant vocals, and smashing drums that fell heavy and melodic along with the songs emotional backbone.

They hit those hardcore breakdowns and it all flows together perfectly in true classic hardcore style and you begin to get a feel for the bands not only tightness, but their varying influences.

This band oozes heart and soul while remaining alternative and edgy which is not always the easiest thing on earth to pull off.

This track never gets boring. It's always got a fresh change up and makes you want to get back to the hook as well.

Some outstanding lead guitar work shows the metal background and really, we should have much more of that kind of thing in todays alt-rock scene.

With such a badass track, we wanted to have a chat with the band to find out exactly where this all came from and what may be next for them.

BuzzSlayers: Okay so let's start with "House Lights". This track has a high energy alternative underground feel like those of the early 2000's and it's nailed! Where did this track come from? Hollow Pledge: If we’re understanding the question right, “House Lights” was written with “Pop Punk” and Alternative intentions. We’re from Philly, so not much Pop-Punk / Easycore material comes out. We decided to go for that sound. Although we hail from Metalcore, Swancore and Classic Metal backgrounds, Julio's vocals gives us a true Pop-Punk / Alternative feel however, so it produces material like “House Lights

BuzzSlayers: I'm hearing pop-punk, alt-rock, and more on this track. Who are some of your biggest musical influences? Hollow Pledge: We all come from VERY different backgrounds. I (Julio) inspires heavily from bands like Dance Gavin Dance and Issues, Patrick has an obvious Classic Heavy Metal sound so he’s more of that Guns and Roses, Van Halen type of guy, while our drummer Mike really looked up to Joey Jordison from Slipknot, and eventually moved into that metalcore style, so he definitely has that harder element.

BuzzSlayers: How did you all meet? How did this all start for you guys?

Hollow Pledge: Myself (Julio) and Patrick met through the local Delaware music scene. I found Mike on craigslist 7 months later! We sent Mike our “Intervention” EP and having already been offered to jam from other bands, he liked our sound the most! And we’ve been a bassist-less band since!

BuzzSlayers: What's coming next for you as a band?

Hollow Pledge: We have an EP coming out soon. Once we release it we plan on shifting our focus on doing shows and touring!

BuzzSlayers: Are you guys planning any live performances?

Hollow Pledge: We have a few shows coming around the Philadelphia area starting in early January.

We’ll also be touring with some amazing Pennsylvania bands late January hitting cities like Atlantic City, NJ, Baltimore, and Brooklyn, NY!

BuzzSlayers: What are you all doing when you're NOT working on music?

Hollow Pledge: Some of us have our own families so we spend a lot of time with them. We enjoy sports, fixing cars, going out to see our favorite bands or simply supporting our local scene by attending local shows when we can! Otherwise we work as any other American does, and make time to get this band out to the world!

BuzzSlayers: Who are you all listening to right now?

Hollow Pledge: Intervals, Plini, Belmont, Bilmuri, Thousand Below, Caskets to name a few!

BuzzSlayers: Do you guys write songs together in the studio?

Hollow Pledge: We write at our practice spot! Myself (Julio) or Patrick would usually have an idea to pitch, and Mike pretty much goes with the flow. We try to fit everyone’s ear all while keeping that Hollow Pledge sound!

BuzzSlayers: Can we expect any music videos coming from you next year?

Hollow Pledge: Yes! We plan on writing another single with a music video to go with it!

BuzzSlayers: This single feels like a pretty big undertaking. What kind of advice would you have for other up and coming bands out there?

Hollow Pledge: Stay motivated! Never settle for small time success. ALWAYS keep working at your craft and NEVER allow yourself to get stuck in a box of ideas.

BuzzSlayers: Is there a full album coming anytime?

Hollow Pledge: We would like to accomplish one at some point. At the moment we’re just trying to build a fanbase up for an album to perform well in the first place!

BuzzSlayers: How do you guys feel about things like NFT's for bands?

Hollow Pledge: We think they have both pros and cons, but it's too much of a deep subject to explain it all here!

BuzzSlayers: What kind of things really inspire you to write?

Hollow Pledge: Seeing some of our favorite bands and the enjoyment of playing our instruments inspires us to be a band in the first place! Let alone write.

BuzzSlayers: Before we go, what would you want to say to fans of the music?

Hollow Pledge: We really appreciate yall’s support and love. We do this not just for our own satisfaction, but for yall’s hearts. Keep jammin’ and stay posted for big announcements!

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