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An Inspirational Groove From ReLoVe Has Arrived

ReLoVe brings on the funk rock in a new single called "Voices" and they do it with not only addictive energy, but they incorporate organs, violins, and more to give this track an expansive groove that blends that funk rock with a southern undertone at times.

The track features a topic that we all can relate to in one way shape or form, and it has to do with self-realization, inspiration, and God which all become enlightening and uplifting.

One of my favorite aspects about ReLoVe, in general, is this ultra creativity that just overflows everywhere because most of these singles come with a wonderfully put-together video, and most of the time those videos are animated in such a way that sticks with the topic at hand in one-way shape or form.

Not only does this song come through super danceable but it feels good to listen to and that's kind of a gift if you think about it.

Sounds like this can change your spirits and turn a day that's maybe not going so great into one that's more positive and that in itself is the power of good music sometimes.

This project never ceases to amaze me in terms of their power to adopt a new character with each song released and you always get sucked right into it because of the aura, tonality, and color that's put forth from them.

This single is no exception to that and if you turn it loud you will have no problem dancing around the living room and most likely singing along with it by that last chorus.

There's a great warmth that comes from this song as well and that sticks with you after the song is over which is something that can be rare at times with a lot of music.

Just having a good song that can affect the rest of your day is wonderful which is why I would personally suggest listening to this song first thing in the morning because your day hasn't quite started yet, and this can shape your day not only musically but lyrically if you really listen.

A lot of us can relate to what this song is talking about and that is something that connects you to the music.

The drumming on this track in particular is exceptional and really gives the song this extra little drive that invigorates it and sort of makes it come alive.

I certainly get into music that combines genres the way that this one does as well and that's a staple in the soundscape of ReLoVe.

For some people, this song will be a fun and excitable Jam that features great instrumentation, and melodies that feel great to listen to, but for others, it'll be a little more inspirational and relatable.

For me, it was a little bit of both. Okay, it was a lot of both.

Another impactful and exuberant single from ReLoVe.

If you haven't had a chance to check this project out yet then do yourself a favor and put some time aside to jam with it.

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