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An Honest Release From Andrew Schneider

A wonderful new single release from Andrew Schneider touches on a subject that we all feel from time to time but unfortunately don't always have what it takes to put on the forefront and the song is a very unique way of letting the artist wear his heart on his sleeves and talk about something very personal while delivering a cinematic and vast tone and approach.

"I Could Be Better" is absolutely beautiful in its honesty and I think that more songs should be able to touch on or tackle these kinds of truths.

Having said that of course, not all of us can articulate things the way that Andrew does in this song, but I think that being able to utilize your talent for songwriting or any artistry really to articulate an inner emotion like that is imperative.

The tone or atmosphere of this track is one that has a strange way of engulfing you and keeping you where it wants to, but this is a good thing because it really makes you think and because it's so upfront on the lyrical side you automatically start connecting with what he's saying.

This is the kind of track that feels like it may have been cathartic for the artist to get out there and maybe this was the way that he knew how to get these kinds of things off of his chest.

To me, that's a beautiful thing and more artists should follow suit with this kind of songwriting style.

There's also something sort of classic about the song and it has a strange way of hinting towards this nostalgic undertone at times but in the long run, this song makes you think of yourself and that's the key.

Vocally this is beautifully done, and Andrew has a slightly operatic style to how he sings but it also beckons vintage rock vocal styles in terms of how ballads are performed.

The reason the song is moving is because of that vocal delivery and how that emotional drive is really there the entire time.

The track is about how he could be better and that doesn't mean one thing or another but rather as a whole.

This is something we all struggle with or think about it times because we all want to be better and that usually is a feeling that comes from either a mistake being made, or looking back at something and realizing it could have been done differently for a better outcome.

The simple want to be a better person isn't that difficult. But the formula of articulating that want so that other people can relate to it and understand it is tricky.

Andrew has certainly proven here that although he may not have purposely done this to have us look inward at ourselves, it still does that job.

I think he was just being honest and creating a song that was based on how he was feeling and that in itself came through in such a wonderful impactful way.

An excellent song from a songwriter that sings truths, check this one out when you can.

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