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An Honest Pop Single From Alyssa DVM

A single release from Alyssa DVM brings out a youthful character and bright pop soundscape that come together with elements of rock and guitars to bring out something refreshing but also honest at the same time and it's all done with a particular charm that really works.

The "Wasting My Time" single hits with a youthful energy that sticks and holds true from beginning to end but that energy is accompanied by such a vibrant character that you get wrapped up in the track really easily.

One of the things that I really like about this track is the sheer fact that you can tell this came from someplace genuine and real like a life experience and that's what drove her to actually create the song.

I'm definitely a big fan of artists that write music based on their own actual life or the lives of those around them because that sort of authenticity comes through in the song itself and also makes the track really relatable which this song is.

It's that persona that you get attached to and what makes you want to hear more from the artist as well.

The way this track was woven and put together was really smart also because it does take these commercial or mainstream pop elements and blends them in with some guitar work and a little bit of a rock undertone at times which gives the song a touch of harder drive and that is the sort of thing that lets it push the envelope just enough to really notice.

You can tell that there is heart in this track and that's pretty evident throughout the song but there's also this great sort of attention to detail that doesn't get in the way of anything but gives the track that professional sort of class in a way.

It's got a little bit of a polish or sheen to it that makes you take notice.

The track is incredibly danceable and full of life so when people listen to it they'll be able to relate to it in a particular way and they'll also be able to feel like the song might serve as a bit of a soundtrack to a certain chapter in their life and I think that's what makes songs like this so impactful.

You can also tell Alyssa had a great time creating this track because that energy is really right in your face but the song is also really balanced dynamically so everything comes together and creates a sort of atmosphere for you to be in for a little bit.

This was certainly very radio-friendly and is a track that you can hear in a scene of a film or on a radio station anytime.

I like songs that make you think and are relatable and understandable, come from someplace authentic, and can deliver a real and colorful pop aesthetic but also keep things real.

This track accomplishes all of that without a hitch so I would definitely look at Alyssa DVM as an artist to keep your eye out for in the coming months because I have a feeling she might be releasing something else before the year is up.

In the meantime, you can take a deep dive through her back catalog in which you can find a slew of releases that show a little bit of a different side to her as an artist and as a person as well which is always a wonderful experience to go through.

The release is on Spotify starting in 2020 and of course, work their way up to now and there's a lot to be soaked in during that course so definitely do that when you get a chance especially if you like the single.

Remember where you heard it first.

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