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An Honest and Passionate Release from Andreas Berndt

A new release from Andreas Berndt brings out an array of explicit honesty that drives the character behind these songs so much that you become attached to everything quickly and this is because it is incredibly relatable and obviously comes from someplace genuine so, you end up connecting with not only the lyrics but the way they're performed.

"Mania & Pain" feels like it must have been very cathartic for Andreas to write and release because it is so personal that it feels like it's something that ate away at him to the point where it all had to come out in the form of song which in my opinion is exactly what art is made for.

The way the song comes across is cinematic and has a certain kind of vastness in its undertone that lets the song feel alive and breathing in a way and the track is almost like an alternative pop ballad of sorts with keys and synths that float through the song's ether adding that ambiance to the tonality of it all.

This track in particular hits deep because it is a deep song and comes from someone who put it all out there for everyone to hear and see which is a beautiful thing because music like this is about relatability and this song is something everyone can understand because it's about someone that's stuck in the middle due to feelings and that's a heavy struggle for a lot of us no matter what the situation.

I find it brave for an artist to be able to release a song like this but it's a little mind-blowing for me as well because a lot of us have all kinds of strong and heavy emotional drive behind us, but we don't all know how to articulate that into words let alone words and music together so when I hear something like this it really hits hard.

The single is part of a three-track EP of the same title and to understand the full picture or story should I say, you have to listen to the whole thing which is only three tracks long each with a little bit of a different feel but that's because it serves as a different chapter of the story.

This was very beautiful and very gracefully performed with passion and soul.

Listening to the EP as a whole is like watching a short film or reading a short book where you're taken away from your surroundings and put into this other story for a chunk of time and that level of escapism is something you don't come across often.

This entire thing was incredibly refreshing to me, and I think that Andreas is doing an amazing job of being able to express himself artistically through his music so that other people can really soak it in the way it was meant to be.

I feel like we need more music like this. Music that makes you think or feel because that's what creating is really all about when you get down to the nitty-gritty of it.

This record was very impactful, it had character, it was moving, it was incredibly honest, and it had this wonderous cinematic approach that really worked.

Check this record out when you get a chance and do it with headphones on because it's the best way to listen to it in my opinion.

Remember where you heard it first.

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