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An Album Of Pop Rock Bangers From Nothing But A Nightmare

A new album release from Nothing But A Nightmare is full of vibrant and excited rock and pop bangers that all get rolled up into this colorful and slightly edgy record and it's really hard not to get engulfed by the shine of this record and all of its unique instrumentation and songwriting.

The Salvation album is whirling heavy handed rock with alternative undertones and incredibly catchy hooks all over the damn place. It's seriously fun.

The songs hit all the sweet spots and the performances are damn near perfect but really what gets you about this record is the personality and the character it portrays. There is tons of this stuff on the album, and it helps it all so much.

The record is bursting with this energy that's hard to deny and it's crossing from pop-punk into alt rock and into more of a straight radio pop feel is enough to throw your hands in the air about.

It's funny because when you see a band called Nothing But A Nightmare you kind of think they'll be this ultra-heavy metal or something but it's not at all.

Now songs do rock out hard but there is literally always a catchy and pop element to the songs and that takes president above the alternative tonality of it because it happens with these soulful vocals. It's such a refreshing style.

Come dive into this album as it's pretty huge and feels great to crank out loud for sure.

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