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An Addictively Fun Release From The Other Each Other

An endlessly fun funk driven, rock banger was just released from The Other Each Other and it's got a special way of getting your blood pumping with an exceedingly intense and colorful groove that hits with gusto.

The "Blank Space Remix" single is an absolute soiree of layered guitars and heavy-hitting straightforward drums that dance with a bass line, and it all feels really good to crank up to 10.

The single is driving and boasts an energy that becomes insanely addictive to the point that you want more of it when it ends.

This track was alive and breathing in its own right. It had this feel of the instruments feeding and bouncing off of each other and that style made it so vivid.

The production on this was loose and slightly edgy and this also gives it some heart which is a bit rare these days, so it was totally refreshing to get it in your face with this touch of wildness.

It also just had this massive and danceable hook and approach that makes you want to move.

It's actually quite hard to sit still during this track.

You start moving, bopping your head, swaying back and forth with the rhythm and eventually, if you're someone like me, you might dance around the living room.

Great guitar and edginess but also some great tonality and a real party-like atmosphere.

Check out "Blank Space Remix" and when you do, turn it nice and loud. Don't be afraid.

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