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An Addictive Album Release from Shy Blossom

Updated: Mar 4

A fresh album release from Shy Blossom has an immensely diverse approach to releasing a rock record as it combines everything from pop punk, indie rock, and even some doom rock sounding riffs along with classic rock and so much more but it's all delivered with this fantastic wave of energy and each track on the record has sort of its own vibe to it which is something that makes you have to listen to the whole album to grasp the spectrum of what this band can give.

The Bloom album is absolutely massive, and not only does it span such a spectrum of rock music, but it also hits a lot of honest notes as well lyrically which is something that gives the songs this authentic backbone, and throughout it all, you can definitely hear some of these tracks in the scenes of films but not just any films, films from the '90s in particular.

A lot of the time these guys have a way of giving off that sort of classic '90s vibe and they're able to nail that aesthetic perfectly and for me, this is kind of a nostalgic thing because I grew up in a time. And I love how this band can hone in on that aesthetic when they want to and just hit the nail on the head.

Certain tracks come out feeling anthemic with courses that stick in your brain forever while others have that more pop-punk approach and have a righteous and vivacious energy to them that becomes quickly infectious.

By the time you get halfway through the record, you begin to expect the unexpected to an extent because the band does have a certain kind of staple vibe to them and sound that sticks even though they are reaching into different subgenres of rock throughout its course.

The deeper you listen, the more grounded the record feels, and you get elements of soul and loads of passion behind certain performances especially vocally but it's amazing how the lead vocalist really sort of changes her character here and there depending on what the song is because that's something that helps let everything make sense.

This was a wonderful blend of color and edginess, energy, and various avenues of rock songwriting and it's all done with a certain level of heart that always seems to come through no matter which song you're listening to.

You can tell there was a lot of great attention to detail throughout recording this record and mixing it as well because the guitar tones are even very detailed in terms of how each song feels and vibes and the band has such a great sense of live energy to them.

They managed to pull together these soft and subtle tonalities and bring them into a record that has harder edges at the same time, but it all has a pop overtone whether that be contemporary, rock, or otherwise.

I love how the vocals are performed throughout this record and although everyone in the band really puts everything they have into this album, the guitar and vocals are kind of key focal points, and those two things are always like the bread and butter of the songs in a way.

Again, the drumming and bass work definitely lets this album have the drive and the grooves that it needs to have especially on the songs that rock out more but also the tracks that have a more delicate undertone to them.

This was a really well-woven record that showed character, heart, honesty, energy, and just a real knack for pop songwriting that lends itself to different genres of rock without a hitch.

Everything was gracefully performed and this is the record that you listen to as a whole because if you listen to just one or two tracks you're not getting the full spectrum of what this band is about or what the album is about.

Check this out as soon as you get a chance because you certainly will not be disappointed.

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