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Adrienne Leska Gives Us A Colorful Pop Single

The latest release from Adrienne Leska is an honest and catchy pop single that comes with a certain atmosphere that lets you flow along with its addictive changes and refreshingly bright character and endlessly fun approach.

If you're unfamiliar with Leska than let us tell you that she is a new artist that has been releasing songs since early 2020 and with each new single or EP, there is a sort of next level that she seems to evolve into and within the past few years she's become incredibly radio friendly and inventive with her songwriting and has been able to push the envelope enough to take notice.

'Someone Like You" is really fun and hits that sort of mainstream pop realm with melodies during the chorus that feel warm and welcoming in a way.

She's got a bit of a rocker vibe but if you watch the video for the single it seems like that make come from her personality on it.

There is an addictive aspect about her that draws you in and her energy is a part of that.

You just sort of dance around with her and she has little messages in her music pretty often so it's always worth a few listens in a row even if just for that.

If you dig the single, you can always jump back to her library of releases which all have their own bearings but still feel like they are part of a staple sound.

Check out the video for "Someone Like You" below and get a taste of that groove and energy.

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