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A Wonderous New Pop Single From Softwax

A new single release from Softwax takes a vintage pop feel and brngs it into a current indie-pop soundscape and it all comes together genuinely perfect with swirling keys and synths that bop along giving you a great cross of that nostalgic feel and a crisp new pop approach.

"Over Me" is an honest track lyrically and musically it's insanely lush and full-bodied with such warming but cool soundscapes that all swim around in the air that surrounds you and keeps you afloat with the sound while still keeping to a damn sweet and colorful pop vibe.

This feels like a summer song, and it comes with a classic breakdown that makes you think of artists like Price at times and even right down to that vocal echo you used to love.

This track comes and goes with a quickness it seems but during its course you get a fulfilling sense and you just let yourself get washed away with the sound of it all.

It feels great to let it engulf you and after a few seconds in that intro, you find yourself bopping your head. Shortly after you want to sing along as the song causes these sorts of memories to pop into your brain.

It's an amazing display of nearly perfect pop songwriting and an example of where the genre is likely headed.

Softwax is right there on the cusp of what's to be expected in the near future and it's refreshing to hear it.

You can't really help but shake your butt to this track and its crazy danceable with the groove it gives off.

So, come along with Softwax and enjoy this little dreamy, poppy journey. We can only hope for more from the band sooner than later.

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