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A Wonderous and Lush New Single From Filly

A new release from Filly brings a unique form of ethereal and eclectic pop together with undertones of orchestral and electronic elements to create something that feels alive and breathing. Something that makes you think and feel. A release that swells and sways as it washes you away with its gorgeous soundscapes.

"All We Are" is an important single that goes places farther than you thin at first glance or listen. it runs deeper and even gets existential at times lyrically.

The single is built of beauty and textures that lay atop each other and make an atmosphere you can float through with a warmth and comfort.

It's wonderous and gracefully performed from all angles and instrumentation.

The vocals are like instruments themselves and that is just how they are performed. Like a texture of focus that sits in the forefront but not too much. These vocals are meant to be a wave in the ocean of this single.

This is a song as a whole. It flows and becomes almost like a fantasy of sorts.

A dream-pop approach with a full-bodied and lush sound that doesn't gab at you. It reaches its hand out for you to take. And when you take its hand, you don't want to let go, or you may fall back down to reality again. Which is actually kind of funny because the premise of the song is based in reality. And one that makes you remember that we are here for now and for a reason.

This release had a touch of magic in a way. It feels like a hug from a loved one. It has a crisp and almost familiar feel to it.

This is for fans of music that makes you feel and think for sure.


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