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A Wonderfully Classic Single From Tanya-Lee Davies

A new release from Tanya-Lee Davies brings out an incredibly refreshing but classically approached folk-pop single that bears elements of a dream-esque undertone and a colorful Style that hints at different time periods of retro songwriting.

"Adam & Eve" is a blissfully smooth pop single but also shares such a unique and balanced energy along with beautiful vocal layering to create this atmosphere that is incredibly easy to get engulfed in.

The artist does have a way of portraying this combination of youthful and maturity in the songwriting itself and the performances on the track have this wonderful subtlety to them that draw you closer with each verse.

I absolutely love how this song grows and where ghost because it has this little bit of escapism to it so you kind of Flow Away with the song and when you come back to reality you have to shake it off for a few seconds.

There's definitely not enough of that in songs anymore so it was really refreshing to hear it on this one.

This does have a great folk feel that even touches on Americana at times that all lurks just beneath the surface and atop lies this great pop-oriented character that shines with presence.

The track also has a sort of cinematic backbone to it and you can definitely see this song in a scene of a film for example.

I think my favorite thing about this track is the way she does her background vocals and how she uses them almost as instruments themselves so that there's no empty space on the track.

Although there's a lot going on it's so clean and crisp as it comes through with that warming tonality and this sort of classiness that makes the song feel good to listen to in a way.

That early to mid 70s aesthetic is alive and well throughout the course of this song and that also bleeds through into the character of it all but it's the production that really makes that feel so alive.

There was definitely a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this one and a ton of heart involved in everything which just oozes out everywhere.

The song itself feels like a dream you wake up from and then want to fight to get yourself back to sleep so that you can get back to that dream again.

This was incredibly fun and had a great ability to bring out different aesthetics all rolled into one single which is definitely not a simple thing to accomplish.

This track has a unique way of breaking down genre barriers and it really showcases Youth and songwriters that are writing pop songs however they want to.

If you ask me, any form of art that has fewer boundaries is going to be better.

This track is an absolute perfect example of just that.

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