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A Warm And Welcoming Release from Lime Colony

An EP release from Lime Colony brings out a beautifully Progressive and warm-toned folk rock that has a way of creating its own atmosphere for you to step into with detailed and descriptive lyrics at times, along with an energy that feels alive and breathing.

The When it Was Over, Did You Learn Anything? record gives off the feel of a band where the players are feeding off of each other's energy the whole time and this is what gives it so much life.

One of my favorite aspects about this record is how you actually get roots folk songs as well that really give off such a welcoming feeling.

Some of these songs feel like seeing a loved one that you haven't seen in a while and getting a big hug from them.

A lot of this is about love and this is part of what gives it that warm feeling and with that you get a slew of honesty that lets the songs be incredibly relatable and this is why you get so attached.

In a way you feel like some of the songs are written just for you and I think in a sense, that's what good music is for.

So, you can connect with them and not feel like you're alone whether it's positive or negative.

This is also made up by people who have an absolute love for their craft, and this is just oozing out everywhere so that heart is always really solid throughout the course of the record's playthrough.

Some of these come through really cinematic and Lush with impactful vocals and a sort of indie rock approach but you always have that same heart and soul no matter what kind of song they go into next.

I think that this record is one of the best things that you can listen to first thing in the morning because it'll just make you feel good.

That's what this EP does. When you listen to it makes you feel good almost like you are loved and that's something that delivers such a powerful message.

I think we all need to feel that love sometimes and music is one of the best ways to do that if you find the right songs, and this EP is a great way to feel that love from beginning to end.

This was very well woven and built and has this particular vibrancy to it and color that you take with you after the record has ended along with certain melodies, hooks, and choruses of course.

A really good amount of this stuff ends up bouncing around in your head for hours or even days and one of the only ways to satiate that is to play the record again which in my opinion is just smart songwriting.

However, having said that I do feel like this just comes naturally to these guys and they're not forcefully doing it.

This is the kind of group that you want to see live.

It was a great experience just getting wrapped up in this record and I can't wait to hear more from Lime Colony.

This is for people who like to feel the music and who like songs to make them think a little bit because that's exactly what this record accomplishes, and it does so with a charm.

Pop this one on in the car, you'll have enough time on the way home from work to jam on it.

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