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A Vibrant Pop Rock Single From Eivind Husebø

A new release from Eivind Husebø brings out sort of refreshing and high energy indie rock soundscape that touches on some vintage alternative pop undertones that give it some added drive and some added gusto.

"I'm So Alive" has a wonderfully bright tonality that makes it kind of addicting honestly. The energy on the track feels almost like a live performance. It's honestly kind of freeing, it feels good to turn this song up and jump around the living room to it.

And this is the kind of jam that you can actually do things like that too. It's got that five where you can be free to have fun have a good time. This is not just because of the premise of the song, although it does help a little bit, but more the vibrancy and almost empowering or inspirational vibe that it gives off.

This single has an amazing amount of character and wit, and that helps it feel alive and breathing.

Now, the guitars definitely touch on that old school kind of retro pop style which is still really great and adds another layer and other texture to the song itself and the vocals are right along that path as well at times. It really brings the song together in a confluent way and makes everything very excited and danceable.

And you certainly can get down to this song. The rock aspect is there, the song is electric guitar based but it has that clean element to it that brings it into more of a pop arena then a harder rock arena.

But it's all super fun hurry up by the end of the song you're singing along it doesn't hurt to turn it up as a matter of fact it feels even better to turn it up and we all need music like that especially right now. Music that we can, not just relate to, but feel in our bones and jump up and down to. Forget our worries and forget our struggles even if just momentarily and let the song be an escape. And this single is exactly that and in one of the best forms possible.

The release does have a cool edginess to it as well that shows face quite often especially in that base tone. It's kind of in your face and that's another thing with this single. It gets right in your face and grabs at you. It gains your attention gets you moving. But also rocks out when it should and in a tasteful way at that.

So, if you're looking for a track that walks that line between the rock edge and the pop brightness as well as giving off a memorable set of hooks and a lush, full-bodied soundscape, then this one's for you.

Dive into "I'm So Alive" by Eivind Husebø and get ready to have a good time.

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