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A Spirited and Haunting Ep from The New Solarism

The New Solarism has recently released a record that brings with it a certain kind of mindset and the songs are built with layers of strings, vocals, and synth pads that all come together to build something that pulls you away from wherever you are and has a unique way of setting your mind free to envision all sorts of things while this smooth but robust set of songs set you adrift for what I would call a bit of a musical adventure.

This record plays out almost like the score from the movie and it's these amazing violin performances that bring those aspects out the most.

Each individual track on this record has a nature and temperament of its own but the full EP has a wondrous way of bringing those songs together and letting them almost create one large opus of a piece of music.

While certain pieces give off a haunting tone, others can feel rejuvenating or even refreshing sometimes and the titles of the songs give you a little glimpse as to what may have inspired the feel for them.

These songs are most certainly emotionally driven and when you listen to them it's clear that this record was a passion project, and the songs almost serve as chapters of a story or a life.

The performances throughout this release are moving and all the tracks have a sort of purpose behind them.

There are layers of rich violins that bring everything together and have a heavy hand in showcasing the depth of each song individually, and the EP as a whole.

It has been a long time since I've heard something that took my brain over completely the way this one did, almost like a hypnotic trance of sorts but I loved it.

This record has a unique process and way of crawling under your skin in the best ways possible.

Every song on this release has a potency to it and a certain feverish quality but everything has this spirit that exists through the whole record.

At certain points, songs can hit a straight-up classical sound with vocals that are floating in the background following the violin melody and it's moments like that where you hear certain elements of musical influence and not just emotional influence.

This EP has charm, heart, elegance, passion, emotion and feeling, formidable and dynamic spirit, and will affect each listener a little bit differently which is one of the things that I thought about most when listening to this record.

I would suggest you put on some headphones and listen to this EP to see how it affects you. 

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