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A Refreshing Pop EP From Declan Sheehy-Moss

A brand-new release from Declan Sheehy-Moss brings out a unique array of pop textures and songwriting with jazz undertones that peek through in outlandish but charming display of lush and excitable tonality.

The Drive Safe EP is oozing with a youthful and inventive approach to experimental songwriting while sticking to this wonderfully catchy and completely addictive style.

Throughout the record you get a variety of Pop instrumentation that consists of both natural and digital feels and there's nothing standard about any of it.

This is a perfect example of outside the box thinking and songwriting because although these tracks do have catchy sections and hooks it's more of an avant-garde undertone that grabs you and keeps you where it wants you.

After the first track you hear, you find yourself glued and wanting to hear more and each track brings something a little bit different to the table but all in all the EP creates this sort of staple soundscape that tells you to begin to expect the unexpected.

Now, don't get me wrong this is a pop record and it's incredibly fun as there are songs that are danceable and very memorable but there are aspects about this record that feel like it's a musician's album.

When I say that of course I mean that musicians will be the first to really get pulled in because there's so much fun and borderline genius stuff happening throughout these songs that it's musicians that will be the ones to have their minds actually blown first.

These are the kinds of people that know what went into something like this and how inventive it actually is.

Throughout the course of the record, you begin to get a grasp on everything and then your hit with a very radio friendly style Indie pop single that's built off synthwave fleshed lushness and it's not the biggest surprise of all time but it's really cool to hear right in the middle of this release.

So suddenly you get this more straightforward pop Banger that floors you and gets your ass moving in your seat.

The EP is crisp, refreshing, Forward Thinking, and just super freeing. You hear the kind of stuff that Declan writes, and you feel like you're listening to an artist that puts up a lot less boundaries than most when laying his tracks out.

And I'm pretty sure that's what we need right now and also where pop music is heading to.

I think that this artist has a knack for being able to do things how he wants to do it and at the same time writing songs that are strangely infectious while blending these different subgenres and tones together.

I hope others can pick something up from this and learn that not everything needs to be the same.

Not everything has to sound like the last thing that came out to be really good pop music. You can think outside the box, and you can do things with less boundaries and still create something that speaks to people and that feels great to listen to.

Definitely take a deep dive into this EP and check out more from him. It's well worth your time.

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