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A New Single From Zigmont Brings That Fuzztone Fun

A badass single released from Zigmont is absolutely dripping with fuzztone madness and electric energy that brings on a swagger and style that exudes more attitude in a guitar riff than sucker punching someone in the back of the head.

"Come Out and Play" is breathing and alive with character and style, guts, glory, and endless sonic presence from start to finish.

The single features vocals that get right up in your face and grab at you, slamming drumming and basslines that rumble that all come together with those guitars to create this modern day MC5 deep rooted ground shaking jam out that you can feel in your bones.

This band is pure entertainment and excitement and listening to this song is like watching a scene of a play at a carnival side show in the middle of the night.

It's got balls and edginess to it. It shines with envelope pushing gusto and you find your blood pumping and your brain reeling.

This release showcases the bands pure 100% love for their craft. Nothing gets in their way and they do it how they want to and this is a huge part of why this is all so addicting and good.

You can hear that Sabbath influence in those guitar lines. And that dark edge around everything in the band really.

This was a blistering single from a band that we want to hear as much as we can from right now.

Pure bred, genuine, heavy handed classic hard rock with love and glory. Turn it up.

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