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A New Single From Sade Awele & Serengeti

A fresh release from Sade Awele & Serengeti brings out a very lush and character riddled soundscape that feels vast but also gives you a deep-rooted Groove that you can't escape and it feels colorful and vibrant along with bringing an array of gorgeous instrumentation to the table.

"Muse Baby" is a sole pop single that is laced with funk undertone that's delivered by guitar work and drumming that give the song a certain level of drive but that dynamic balance works so well with these Soulful vocals and the whole thing becomes an atmosphere that you can step into.

You become addicted to those vocals very quickly and not only are they performed with passion but you start to feel the music in your body and it makes you want to move which is something that becomes quickly infectious.

Everything about this is honest, straightforward, and gracefully done along with so much heart that you can tell this came from a real ingenuine place and I think that's where so much of that character and persona comes from on this track.

Sade Awele is one of those artists that have a unique vocal even though there are familiarities about it, it has a certain shine to it that draws you in and wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

The energy on this song makes you want to go see this whole outfit live in person because if the energy on the recording is where it's at, then seeing them live would just be outstanding and very memorable.

There's a lot about this song that feels alive and breathing and that forward moving flow is incredible and it feels so natural like the song just came to be.

There's also something almost nostalgic about it in a strange way and that comes from that R&B element of it and how the crossover between that and the soul and the pop and the funk, all lend themselves to a sort of late 90s early 2000s R&B style that you would hear on the radio stations at the time.

This was also quite powerful and hits with a little bit of an impact which I really enjoy and the whole thing has a lot of hooks that stick with you.

You definitely find yourself humming melodies from this track in your head for hours after it's ended.

It was refreshing hearing a song like this and all the color and vibrancy it provided but still with a subtlety to it that kept it smooth.

This was the type of song where you can grab your loved one and start dancing around the living room with them.

Upon listening to the single I took a little bit of a deep dive into her back catalog and found a great library of releases dating back to 2018 that each show a little bit of a different side of her as a person and as a songwriter.

I love doing things like that with artists that I find and this was a perfect example of how you can listen to someone's evolution as an artist.

I would start with "Muse Baby" and work your way back.

This was a wonderful single from an excellent artist that you should be keeping an eye out for in the near future.

Check it out as soon as you can and remember where you heard it first.

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