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A New EP Release From Karina Nistal

An EP release from Karina Nistal brings out a lush array of not only instrumentation, but genres all rolled into one release giving you elements of R&B, reggae, Latin music, soul pop, and even more so you have a lot to dance to from start to finish.

I think one of the most impressive things about this release is the sheer fact that she's able to dip into these different genres and do it with a charm as well.

Everything comes through so seamlessly but also with a tasteful approach paying a lot of attention to detail but never losing that heart or soul the songs were built from in the first place.

Each track brings its own character and persona along with grooves that dip into everything from dance to disco and it all comes with a wealth of vibrancy that you find yourself becoming attached to quite quickly.

Karina's vocal performance is on point throughout the entire release, and she is able to sort of switch in between these different characters depending on what the song is so each new track is refreshing.

This was a lot of fun and comes with color and a youthful energy that makes you want to go see her perform live in your face.

There's also something about the release that makes you feel like it's a concept record of sorts because it's almost like each track is a different chapter in her life in a certain way and the songs have a strange way of interconnecting with each other as well.

Either way, you have this EP that delivers loads of passion along with a spectrum of songwriting and styles that you fall in love with.

I love a record that you can get halfway through and know that you should be expecting the unexpected.

You don't really know what kind of songs going to come next, but you know it's going to have heart and it's going to be good.

These tracks also have great production and a beautiful polish to them that gives everything a very upstanding and professional soundscape, so the record has some class to it as well.

You can tell this is done by someone who has a real actual love for her craft and a lot of that part of her character comes through on these songs.

There's a lot to love about this release and if you like records that give you some options but still has a consistency to it than this one is definitely for you.

I would also keep an eye out for Karina because she's already making waves and has a number of releases under her belt that all show a little bit of a different side to who she is as a person and a songwriter.

A beautiful and well-woven record from Karina Nistal.

Check this one out while you can and be ready to get down.

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