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A Massive Single From [man among men]

A new single release from [man among men] brings out a wonderful cross of emotional drive and cinematic backbone in the form of a rock opus that has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to all while delivering a lush soundscape and character.

"Beyond All Measure" can deliver such impactful approaches with such passionate performances that the whole thing removes you from your reality for a moment.

This is a form of escapism, and the track is one of the few that I've heard able to pull off such an intense way of doing it.

I feel like some music is made for you to escape into so you can forget your reality even just for a little bit and while this song does exactly that, it also tells a detailed story.

This single comes across as incredibly theatrical and this aspect of it is a strong suit to the song's playthrough.

This track truly is alive and breathing as it swells and sways through different segments and during this process, you are pleasantly surprised as you can peel back layers the deeper into the track you go.

The guitar work on this song is absolutely stellar and you can tell that the whole arrangement and recording was intricate with a lot of attention to the details however, having said that, it never loses the heart or soul that it was created for in the first place and that may be the most important thing of it all.

I love a track that combines such technical and passionate musicianship on an amazing level but still sticks to that emotional platform it was built from and this song is an exact example of that.

Everything about this track is someone graceful and the performances are impactful.

You can clearly tell that this song was made by a group of people who have a real love for their craft and when I say that I don't mean just their instruments come writing a song that tells a story and having that story portrayed properly.

The type of song you want to listen to more than once so that you can soak it all in.

It's like watching a good movie where you watch it a second or third time and you pick up on things you didn't the first time around because there's so much going on.

You understand it a little bit more the second time around especially lyrically and I think this is simply because the instrumentation throughout the song is so intense.

The music video that accompanies the track doesn't outstanding job of showcasing a totally different side of the band's creativity and artistry.

It is truly like watching a short film in a way and as it does show the band doing their thing, you get glimpses of the story behind the song.

I'm not giving everything away right here of course, but I can tell you the first time you listen to this song you should listen to it by way of watching this music video.

It also showcases the band's presence and persona even more.

This song is bursting with charisma, vigor, and just outrageous musicianship all around and as you listen to it you can guitar solos and keyboard solos and drum fills and so much just thrown right at you that it's like when it's over, you have to sort of shake it off to come back to reality again.

In the music video, you'll notice that the singer and guitar player looks like he's playing a seven-string guitar as well and that's something that intrigued me even more.

This song has its heavy elements, and its beautiful elements and does an amazing job of combining those sounds and textures, arrangements, and compositions seamlessly.

Vocally, the performances are on the same level as all the instrumentation is and give off that same level of character and passion, so it all comes together in such a vibrant and deepening manner that you simply have to do it all again as soon as it ends.

I miss that aspect of music and I'm so glad to hear it again now as it's very refreshing.

Check this out as soon as you can remember where you heard it first.

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