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A Massive New Rock Single From Tony Fitz

The latest release from Tony Fitz is almost like a rock opera of types that takes you on a bit of a musical journey and does so in the vein of a rock opus that is filled with hints of psychedelic production that helps the song push the envelope a little bit and give that genuine classic rock aesthetic.

"Through The Setting Sun" is packed to the brim with character and has some very unique attributes to it including that guitar tone and arrangement that really is able to pull you away from whatever you're doing and jump into this world for a little bit which is most enjoyable because I think that music like this is meant to be a bit of an escape.

We certainly don't have enough of that aspect in music these days and there's something about this track that not only has that nostalgic undertone but also feels kind of anthemic in its own right.

When I talk about the soundscape or aesthetic of a 70s style rock banger, what I mean of course is the guitar tones, the arrangement, and just that combination of acoustic and electric guitars together which is a staple of that decade in rock and when it's done right like it is here, it really hits that mark.

They're definitely more than a few sweet spots that this track touches on and I think it's that sense of adventure or sort of mystery that gives it its life and that comes with being able to write a song that has its own persona.

Doing things like that isn't an easy feat but the way Tony accomplishes that feels natural so you're ending up jamming to a song that you feel like you could have been listening to on the radio for decades.

That in itself was incredibly refreshing for me. It helped the song really feel good and you also got pulled into the lyrics of it so that you're able to pay attention.

The way the vocals are laid out also have cool little effects that also remind you of that era of rock and roll adding to that feel even more and this whole song has an atmosphere of its own that is so much fun to be in, you really don't want to leave it.

Not only do I love songs that give you a little bit of an escape but one that is truly inspired by a certain decade of the genre comes through so purely and unfiltered that it's as real as it can get.

There's a lot of attention paid to the details of the song and throughout all of that you still get a sense of heart that was put into it.

One thing is absolutely for sure, Tony Fitz has a pure love for his craft and that's why it sounds like this comes out so good.

Perhaps he's in his zone when recording and that's his sort of special place to do his thing.

Some songwriters are more into live performances and others have their heart in the recording process and I feel like Tony has his there.

Either way this was really nailed and anyone that's a fan of real deal genuine classic rock will love this track.

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