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A Lush New Single Release From Ryan Shane Owen

A single release from Ryan Shane Owen brings out a wondrous and atmospheric set of dream pop textures that cross over into a dance undertone and it's all brought together by gracefully performed Indie pop vocals that give everything a rounded edge and a warm feel.

"Night Owl" has some great elements of postpunk and you can hear those inspirations drip through with the beat and those lush synth strings that give the song a robust and full-bodied soundscape.

This track shows both edginess and plenty of color but really has a wonderful character to it and that's probably what draws you in the most.

It does have that nostalgic vibe to it as well and the song feels familiar but refreshing at the same time as it seems like a song that you would have heard on radio stations anywhere from the late 90s to now.

This track is packed with hooks both instrumentally and vocally and they have a way of bouncing around in your head for hours after the song is done and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song again. That to me, is smart songwriting.

This single is built with a wonderful array of textures that bounce off each other and melt into each other as well so that you get this entirely different world to step into for a little bit and having that touch of escapism is a wonderful thing.

You can also hear a little bit of new wave influence in the track which also brings that nostalgic feel to it and he does a great job of arranging everything so that goes melodies stay with you.

This track has a really unique way of grabbing at you and keeping you in a certain place and it actually feels great to let that happen.

It's definitely refreshing to hear a song that boasts so many different influences and takes them all together to create something that you can float away with but also, something you can dance to.

And that's the thing, this is a very danceable song indeed because it does have a great groove and that major pop sensibility as well.

You can also tell that the artist has a major love for his craft because this song has layers that are used to build the song up and to build a song that has a great balance between the edginess and that retro pop color.

The use of synths and keys across the course of this single is incredibly imperative and well thought out and the song does have soul to it as well.

If you grew up in a certain time period and listened to new wave or dream pop, post-punk, or even classic pop of the '80s and '90s, then this song is going to mean something to you.

You'll get that nostalgic feel and it'll feel great because this is almost like a love letter to those genres and to that time period but done in a new platform and a new setting to keep things refreshing and crisp.

This was a wonderfully woven single that deserves your time without question.

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