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A Lush And Vast Set Of Songs from Pete Cautious

A brand-new album from Pete Cautious brings a fresh and welcoming soundscape that borders indie-pop with a vintage feel, and it works like a damn charm the whole way through.

The Garden of The Gods album is lush with synths that swell and sway, fill the air and create warm and crisp atmospheres that bring you to other worlds and it feels great to listen to.

The music has a way of swimming around in the air that surrounds you and letting you just get washed away with it all.

The record is bursting with color, energy, a smoothness, and a beautifully woven sheen that makes everything so alive and breathing.

You get some classic guitar tones, robust and melodic vocals that at times feel like another instrument, and an experimental jam outside of things that plenty of songs incorporate until breaking back into choruses that hook you in and grab your attention.

This is a lively and full-bodied record that shines with character and gives you waves of nostalgia and brings with it a freeing undertone that you just want to stay with forever.

The release is absolutely massive and is actually quite cinematic and full.

The keys and synths are key with the record as they complete the transitions, and arrangements as well as bringing on that trippy feel to the songs.

This was a feel-good album that never loses its vastness of its character for one second.

You can also tell Pete has a damn good time creating this stuff as he puts heart into the songs but also takes the time for big intro's, building crafted soundscapes, and taking on an almost science fiction tonality at times.

So come into the world of Pete Cautious for a while. You may not want to leave.

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