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A Killer New Single From Poison Oak

The latest release from Poison Oak brings out an endlessly fun pop-punk feel that borders on classic styles and a balance of just the right attitude and character to make this song super addictive and danceable.

"Apocalypse" has a way of digging into your head and bouncing around in there for hours after the song has ended which is really something and the only way to satiate that is to play the song again.

If you ask me, that's what I call smart song writing.

This single has such a unique way of balancing youthful energy and a little bit of maturity in the songwriting as well, but it's all done with a ton of heart and that's what really comes through the most.

When I say hard, I mean these guys have a pure love for their craft and this aspect is just oozing out everywhere throughout the song.

These are the types of things that make you love the genre and when it's done right you get a song like this one.

It's really that hook that stays with you and by the end of it you're either jumping around your living room or singing along and I think we need more songs like that.

This track boasts a lot of vibrancy in color and keeps that little hint of edginess in there but still has this warm welcoming feel to it and also has a bit of a summer vibe.

The timing seems to be perfect for a single like this one and this track shows a lot of face value as a party anthem if I've ever heard one.

The release is perfect for anyone who loves classic pop punk or even pop rock and songs that show liveliness and gusto.

The other great thing about this track is that it also has this beachy and almost classic rock undertone to it, especially in the vocals and some of the guitar tones.

The vocalist does a great job especially when the vocals are doubled up and there are some great harmonies that are in the chorus of the song to the point where it comes across as a sunset indie rock banger.

The drumming is a super key element in this track and there's more than a few guitar hooks throughout the song but it's really just the way that it explodes into that big hook and gets you reeled right in.

The track almost makes you visualize a sunny day running along the beach in your youth and it really feels good.

Having songs that make you feel good and that make you think or remember is always a good thing.

We all need songs that cause memories to pop into our heads because that's part of what music is all about really.

Sounds like this serve as chapters in our own lives in a way and it's great to be able to have a band release music like this so that we can share that with them.

Now, if you dig the song, I would definitely suggest diving into their back catalog of releases which is plentiful and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of other songs that you love.

But definitely start with "Apocalypse" so you can get a feel for where they're at right now.

You won't soon regret it.

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