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A Killer New Edgy Pop Sound From IRYS

A fresh pop banger from IRYS brings and edginess to that lets her portray an alluring character and energy that comes through in the form of swagger riddled vocals over some neon lit synths that border on a synth pop undertone at times.

"Riot" is brimming with style and attitude that gives off a killer vibe and energy that grabs your attention from the get-go and keeps you around to hear more and more.

She has this youthful and honest undertone that comes through, and the track has a crisp sheen to it that makes it fun, danceable, and vibrant.

You get a fresh beat and keys that keep things hitting a little harder and vocals that add to that drive the song boasts.

This is great for the club, or the car, I even pumped it on a morning run, and it felt great. It has that energy that gets your blood pumping.

Now, there are elements about the song that make you realize this came from some personal place as well. There are lyrics that feel truthful, and she needed to get things off her chest in a way. But it's done in this heavy pop way. It's almost an alternative pop feel really.

If you dig this single, you'll also have no problem cranking her others as well. She has some gems out on Spotify that all have this killer dark edged tonality that just becomes addictive.

It's her own style and she makes it that way, but the songs also feel like you would hear them on the radio for sure.

Great production and nothing ever sounds exactly the same.

It's a refreshing vibe and good to see pop artists like IRYS evolve and continue making songs that hit you this way.

This is for literally anyone who loves good pop music. Straight up.

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