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A Killer Album Release from Locust Hill

Updated: May 31, 2023

The latest album release from Locust Hill brings on the tonality of an almost 90s alternative rock soundscape and it comes with hints of prog rock along with this underlying edginess that adds to the drive of the record.

The On The Run album is packed with memorable guitar sections and a lot of elements of real-deal hard-hitting grunge that do a great job of leaving their mark properly.

One of the things I love most about this record is the energy because it feels almost like this record was recorded live on the floor and the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

This of course just makes you want to go see them live because if they can give off this kind of energy on a recording then in a live setting is probably outstanding.

The other thing that impressed me was just a sheer love for the craft that this band obviously has as it bleeds through to every note that's played.

In the beginning, I was really surprised to hear the amount of incredibly catchy hooks that were happening but by the time you get halfway through the record you realize that these songs are built in arranged in such a way that you remember almost every chorus.

They have a real amazing way of locking in riffs from those guitars and those are the kinds of things that bounce around in your head for hours after the records ended.

So, it's really refreshing to hear something that was obviously inspired by this classic alternative and grunge style but taken into a refreshing platform.

In a way, this album almost feels like a love letter to those kinds of bands and seeing that a lot of us grew up listening to them it's great to hear it.

They're also quite a few surprises around some of the corners of this record and that too was something that made this whole thing so addictive to me.

You get songs that have meaning and obviously come from someplace genuine especially if you listen closely to some of the lyrics, but you also have these hooks and riffs that are impactful and very memorable.

This album really was a ton of fun and if you're a fan of authentic grunge or alternative rock, even certain elements of progressive rock and more, then you're going to fall right for this release.

For those of us that do have a love for those genres this is one of the records that we've definitely been waiting for.

You can tell this band is a close-knit group of people and that everybody sort of had their own two cents to put into the songwriting because you get these different influential elements that thrive throughout the album making it unique in its own right.

The last thing I'm going to say about this is that I think this is one of those records where you should be listening to it from beginning to end.

There are certainly more than a few tracks that stand on their own two feet very well as singles but soaking in this album as a whole is the best way to go, hands down.

Dive into this one when you can.

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