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A Heavy Doom Rock EP from Derrumbado Rojo

The latest EP release from Derrumbado Rojo hits a wonderfully perfect balance of classic doom Rock mixed with grunge and a thrash metal undertone that all come together to create this atmosphere that has a way of just engulfing you and keeping you where it wants to.

The Post Euphoria Desert EP boasts a brutal and massive fuzz tone distortion with hints of these great psychedelic rock tendencies that just barely Peak their heads through from time to time but happens enough to take notice.

One of the great things about this record is the guitars, the guitars, and more of the guitars because not only do you get these epic riffs and this gigantic and vast tonality, but they definitely didn't hold back in terms of layering all kinds of fun guitar lines everywhere making this just an absolutely lush soundscape.

For those of us that grew up in the '80s and '90s we were lucky enough to have these great Progressive and underground alternative rock bands that only a few of our friends knew at the time and this is part of the sound that Derrumbado Rojo encompasses.

You get this Underground feel and approach with those edgy elements of haunt and darkness that lurk just beneath the surface of every song.

The bass tones and lines throughout the EP are epic and really drive the album along with the crushing percussion and vocals that have an amazing way of feeding off the band itself.

The singer is excellent at being able to fall into a certain character depending on what the song is and what's happening.

Going from a softer feel to a fierce and aggressive tone is a natural thing for him obviously but that takes skill and being able to balance that at the right times is imperative for music like this.

These are the kind of guys that have a pure love for their craft, and it takes heart to be able to put together a record like this one.

It's just really good to hear a band like this right now that gives me that little bit of nostalgic feeling and makes me want more of them.

These guys do an outstanding job of capturing the sound they're going for and creating a heavy rock record that has fewer boundaries than a lot of others do.

I personally think we need a lot more music like this right now because although it's not exactly reinventing the wheel, it is a fresh spin on genre-crossing and making music that you can feel from because it's done with passion and soul.

And this is a thing that a lot of people don't understand about heavy music.

Heavy music has a soul when it's done right and by the right people.

Definitely take a deep dive into this EP when you can because you absolutely will not ever regret it.

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