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A Heartfelt New EP From Chillin'

A new EP release from Chillin' showcases a very personal and lush approach to the band's songwriting style and how they were able to incorporate the sense of feeding off of each other's energies throughout the recordings giving the songs the feeling of being alive and breathing.

The From The Heart EP boasts a ton of character, and the record has a way of letting you escape into someone else's life for a little while which is very refreshing and what a lot of music should be like.

I think we need more music like this. Songs that can make you think and feel, paint vivid pictures in your head, and let you step into someone else's experience before snapping back into your own reality.

Musically, this record is outstanding and shows such experience in musicianship in terms of the instrumentation and performances being delivered with soul and a tasteful form.

This is the type of EP that you need to listen to a few times to be able to soak it in properly because the instrumentation, especially the guitars, are beautifully done and provide such atmosphere for the songs.

The pianos and keys are a main element of some of these and let the songs feel welcoming and warm while vocally you get a very passionate delivery and lyrics that really make you think and give you a sense of the situations and experiences that they came from initially.

This is another important aspect of the record. Everything feels genuine like they came from real life, and this gives an authenticity to the songs which draws you in even closer.

You can clearly tell that this is a release given from a band of seizing musicians who not only know how to deliver Musical and vocal hooks but also right and produce songs that are meaningful and have depth to them.

The energy captured on the record is nearly perfect and you do actually feel like you came out of a live performance when it's all over which gives everything this one-on-one feel.

There are definitely layers to be peeled back throughout the course of this release but it's absolutely wonderful to do so and with its soundscape you get a sense of this almost fantastical element as well.

In a sense you get the feeling that these songs may be even cathartic especially for the vocalist and lyricists because it does indeed get personal, and you can feel that intensity growing in some of the songs the longer they play through.

This was a wonderfully woven release that was done with loads of heart and by a band that has a love for their craft which is one of the most clearly evident aspects of the record.

The whole thing lets you just swim through it and soak it in and at the same time it feels good to be washed away by it all.

A great escape and a wonderfully performed EP.

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