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A Gorgeous Jazz Release from Marína Ósk

A refreshing and classic feeling jazz album release from Marína Ósk features some outstanding instrumentation and a welcoming and wholehearted series of singles that are all performed with loads of love for the craft for sure.

The One Evening in July album is wonderfully vibrant and portrays such addictive character that it all becomes something you want to be a part of. The stories, the words, the songs themselves.

You paint yourself in those shoes and they become like chapters to you.

The guitars and hors are played with such attention to detail and such loose gracefulness that it all lets the vocals fall into place perfectly.

You get these warming and alluring feelings from the record and it's in part due to those incredible vocals.

Ósk sounds like a mix of the classic performers of the genre and the gives her own flare to it all as well which all adds to that presence and that character.

This release has all the bells and whistles you could want from a jazz record, and it gives off an open armed and freeing undertone.

It's quite refreshing to hear such a genuine album performed by seasoned musicians like this one and if you're a fan of real deal jazz records, this one is for you.

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