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A Gorgeous and Personal Release From Post Gospel

The latest single from Post Gospel brings on the personal feeling and vividly picturesque Style that builds with an outstandingly cinematic and almost profound undertone that is complete with growing guitars and synth pads that fill the space with sweetness.

This track is vulnerable and shows a bit of delicate and soundscape that manages to pull together a series of textures and create something that has its own atmosphere. And that in itself becomes quite addicting.

Is called "Go Slow" and it does have a sort of essential set of topics that it touches on way. It's not straightforward or blunt but it's in there lurking just beneath the surface you can feel it too.

This release is actually quite beautiful and has a wonderful way of kind of wrapping itself around you. It's actually kind of fun to let yourself get involved in a song like this and let yourself just get washed away with the whole thing.

Ended up being quite moving and that emotional Drive is incredibly clear and evident from the first few seconds on.

Now, through the course of this single you do run through some different feelings, but it all has a way of letting memories of your own pop into your head when you least act it. It's both musically and lyrically nostalgic in that sense.

Vocals are definitely performed with loads of heart and is brimming with passion and a true love for the. And that's something you don't always get so it's nice to hear.

The whole song has this wonderful backdrop to it and was woven with care and attention to detail while still remaining true to its roots. That emotional aspect really does grab hold of you doesn't quite let go and we mean that in the best sense possible.

As a matter of fact, I think that we all need music like this even if only from time to time. Music that makes you think and more importantly, makes you feel. I think that's what songs like this are all about.

We have to have songs that we need to snap out of when they're over. Come back to reality and look around because maybe when that happens after the song is over your reality has changed a little bit. Your outlook may have shifted and For Better or Worse that's something that makes music like this impactful.

A gorgeous song from Post Gospel.

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