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A Genuine Rock Record From DL Burdon & His Questionable Intentions

A full-length album release from DL Burden & His Questionable Intentions brings out a vivacious classic rock approach that comes through anthemic and with an energy that's incredibly addictive from beginning to end along with elements of Americana and more, the record hit a number of sweet spots for the rock genre and comes through as genuine as it can get.

The record dubbed Thank You & Goodnight shines with enough character to stay with you for days after the record has ended along with some authentic hooks that just hit right.

There is quite a lot to love about this album, especially for fans of real-deal rock anthems and what really sticks out the most is that the invasive energy which makes you wonder if a lot of these songs were recorded live on the floor because it feels like the players were just feeding off of each other the entire time.

This is the kind of thing that makes the record so driving and so impactful a lot of the time because an energy like that is very hard to capture on record so when you hear it the first thing you think of is seeing them live and how intense that must be.

Vocally, the record has that massive persona, and he really belts when he wants to and settles down for the songs that it's appropriate for, but that persona is always there no matter what the intensity level of the song is, and you do get various styles across the span of this record.

At times it feels like the songs on the record are somehow connected and after listening through even more you get the feeling that they each individually hold a different story that almost serves as a chapter from the songwriter's life.

Get enormous riffs and a really perfected guitar tone that sticks confluent throughout the records course and songs with these great choruses that have a way of bouncing around in your head after songs end.

You do also get acoustic sort of ballots and that sometimes is where the Americana side of things pops in and out as I mentioned earlier but all in all this is a rock record and a powerful one at that.

There are also some experimental sides to the record at times bringing in some quirky synths and other elements that show a little bit of looseness and color as well.

Now, although the record does have that classic rock undertone, especially in terms of that songwriting, there is a harder Edge that is shown a lot throughout the record and a lot of these songs pack quite a punch even when you don't expect them to but some of them come right in with these terrific riffs and tones that you just get sucked right into.

The great part about that, is that the rest of the song is just as good as you wanted it to be or at times, even better.

This is one of those records that have more than a handful of great singles that stand on their own two feet very well, however this is also the kind of record that I would suggest listening to all the way through if you can.

That energy is so right up in your face that if you listen to the full album from start to finish you almost feel like you just saw a show live which is not something I can say often about an album.

This was a killer rock record that showed a perfect balance dynamically and came through with loads of heart and a very soulful delivery by all parts.

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