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A Genuine New Single From Portraits and Tales

A new single release from Portraits & Tales brings out a warm and honest sound that blends a great classic rock feel with hints of that southern country soul especially vocally as everything together creates that atmosphere.

"Suddenly" also is just built and portrays so much heart and soul throughout the track that you can feel it in your bones.

As you listen to the track you really get a great feel for the emotional backbone that it was built off of and how whatever was written about was genuine and you can put the story to different aspects of your own life which makes it incredibly relatable.

One of my favorite things about this song is the fact that it sounds like it was recorded live on the floor. That feeling of the players' energies feeding off of each other is really solid here and it gives the band this alive and breathing feeling.

That's an aspect you don't hear often anymore, and it makes you want to see the band live.

You definitely get a sense of the meaning behind the song and how it's very possible that these are the kinds of songs that are written to get something off your chest and the only way you know how is to do it through song.

Songs like that are impactful like this one is and probably even cathartic for the songwriters behind them.

The whole track is beautifully woven and built with passionate performances that nail the sound that they're going for both vocally and instrumentally.

There's also something that's very cinematic about this track and it has a lot to do with the way the arrangement is done and how those guitar solos cry as the vocals and lyrics talk about a loss and how it's the end of something.

The track has to do with feeling the pain of either the loss of someone or the end of a long relationship that was meaningful in any way shape or form and that sense of pain and hints of anger that go with it are all there rolled up into this one track.

Because of this it has a way of really getting that message across and wrapping itself around you.

A lot of us have been there in different ways and hearing a song like this at the right time can make someone feel like maybe they're not so alone in their battle or their loss.

So as cathartic as it might have been for the songwriter, it may also be very meaningful for the right listeners as well.

This is the importance of songs like this one.

This track was beautifully done and comes through as an outstanding example of what true-to-heart songwriting becomes when you use your emotion to do it.

Definitely check this one out when you get a chance because it's more than worth your time.

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