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A Full-Length Cinematic Album From CEFF

A brand new full length album release from CEFF brings out a really heartfelt and vividly painted pop rock soundscape that is able to present this theatrical tonality and build an atmosphere that feels like it wraps itself around you and doesn't let go.

There's a lot about the "Lucid Dreams" album that features this big and progressive rock feel but also has a cinematic approach as the songs manage to tell these stories that you find yourself paying a lot of attention to.

The words are descriptive and bear a lot of detail, some of which is very emotionally driven, which I think the whole album is really quite driven by feelings.

But you also have other sides to the songs and the artist that come through that feel dream-esque and floaty so that you will end up being washed away with the sound itself.

Swelling synth pads and clean guitars float around the air and let you swim through pieces of music.

It's all quite gracefully done and has a way of touching itself to you and making you almost feel like some of the songs were written for you.

This is because sometimes you have songs from this release that cause memories of your own to pop into your head and random and this forms the sort of connective aspect between yourself and the album.

This whole thing was done with a lot of attention to detail and was wonderfully woven together with loads of heart and love for the craft.

All those elements are incredibly evident with every note played and with every second passed.

So you have this giant opus of an album that presents these ups and downs like a living breathing organism and with each breath you get something different but still from that same organism.

Quite a beautiful thing and it gives a sort of new meaning to the progressive rock aspect of it all.

Now, there are things about this album that give the idea that it may be a concept record of sorts. It certainly feels that way at times anyway.

Whether or not this is true I'm not sure, but this album is worth swimming through.

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